Taking care of your consultant needs

Our knowledge and experience
ensure that our customer always gets the best result

We are specialised in engineering, project management and documentation. We offer our customers specific services that fit their requirements, and we can assist throughout all project phases.

We value individual solutions that optimize, integrate and consider the production output, safety level, environment and cost of energy. We ensure the optimal choice based on the ‘total cost of ownership’ principle.

We are independent of any product, why we always consider the best options for our customers.


We are your independent partner and your interest and requirements are our main priority.

As Contractor we keep focus on the entire process and the coherence with the existing production.

We take pride in a fast, effective and durable project process with a minimum of down-time.

This is to ensure our customers the best quality with respect to economy, safety and environment.


When a project team comes under pressure, quality can deteriorate. Therefore, if new eyes are added, the entire project team can benefit. With us, quality means something we strive to deliver high quality work.


Our customers benefit greatly from our expertise and our approach to problems. Sometimes it requires new insights to see the right approach.



Any project needs clear and competent project management. We ensures an overview and focus throughout the project, so that the objectives are achieved on time and any corrective measures can be implemented in a timely matter.


We assist our customers worldwide, when they need assistance. Thus, we offer qualified manpower for the customer’s organization, and we can assist for shorter or longer time, depending on the specific task.


We both carry out internal and external projects, and it can be as a project manager for the parent project, a sub-project or as assistant to the project manager, where specific tasks are performed. We are often in close contact with the end customer and subcontractors and take pride in building good relations on behalf of our customer, because a great collaboration ensures the best results.


We construct, design and document electrical installations and control panels in cooperation with our customers.

We work in the most common programs eg.:

  • See electrical


  • PC schematic

  • AutoCad


We perfrom site super vision, quality control and and performance witness. 

This is to ensure our customers the best quality with respect to economy, safety and environment.


Large commissioning projects often require competent and experienced commissioning management and supervisors.

We contributes with experience and approach in close collaboration with the customers.

We keeps focus on the task throughout the project and acts on behalf of the customer.


We have many years of experience making technical documentation within several industries and understands the importance of a detailed documentation.

We perform documentation within a wide range of disciplines and are extremely aware of the potential recipient/reader and adjusts it accordingly.


More and more projects must comply with complex requirements and specifications, especially in EPC projects.

We can help determine the most critical parts compared to your usual approach and, if necessary, prepare deviation lists.

If you have a specific project that you need assistance with, please contact us - together we will find the best solution.

For general inquiries, please use our contact form here.